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Collinsville Heating and Air Conditioner Repair
We offer 24 hour emergency Heating and Cooling services including Air Conditioning Repair, Furnace Repair, and HVAC System Maintenance

Air Conditioner Repair

Get back on your feet during the warmer months by addressing ventilation issues, central air repairs, duct cleaning, and air conditioner tune-ups. We can keep all homes up to date with 24/7 services from experienced technicians.

Furnace Repair

Diagnose heat pump problems, boiler repairs, seasonal furnace tune-ups, humidifier updates, and central heating issues in the heart of your system during colder months. Blue Stream technicians give you options to choose what's best for your home.

Air Conditioner Replacement

Keep your home cool and comfortable this summer with a new air conditioning unit, while saving on energy bills. Our quiet, energy-efficient systems allow you to control different sections of your home through zoning.

Furnace Replacement

Older heating systems could be producing 60% efficiency, while wasting 40% of your heating bill. A new system today means a more cost-effective, comfortable home in your future. Blue Stream installs the most up-to-date heating technology, without the use of refrigerants that pollute the ozone layer.

HVAC System Maintenance

Preventative maintenance reduces the chance of expensive and inconvenient breakdowns. Through inspection and testing of the compressor, blower motor, thermostat, capacitors, pilot thermocouple, draft diverter, limit switch, heat exchanger, and more, you can ensure a safe HVAC system is operating in your home.

Indoor Air Quality

Control the comfort of your home with enhanced protection for those who suffer from asthma or allergy symptoms. Many particles common to indoor air trigger respiratory problems. Protect yourself and your family's long-term health with a filtration system and germicidal UV lights that kill many bacteria, yeast, mold, and viruses. You can effectively turn your heating and cooling system into a whole house purification system.

Scheduled Maintenance Programs

Annual Tune-ups

Extend the life of your system and reduce the chance of costly repairs by servicing your home with an annual tune-up. Stay on top of problems like blocked coils and weakened electrical components, which use more energy and cause a higher utility bill. Regular maintenance protects your family against harmful mold, allergens, and Carbon Monoxide, while improving air quality through the removal of dirt and grime inside the unit.

Club Membership Programs

Make a commitment to your home air quality while receiving discounted rates for annual tune-ups. With membership options between Full Service and Express Service, you choose the level of protection that meets your preventative maintenance needs.


  • 10% off Add-On Components
  • (Whole-house humidifiers, thermostats, media filters)
  • Spring and Fall Tune-Ups
  • Priority scheduling for emergencies


  • ALL of Express Services
  • 15% off Major Repair Service
  • Free Diagnostic
  • Free Category 1 Repairs
  • (Thermocouples, capacitors, pilot re-lights)

Learn More About System Replacement

Blue Stream Services provides the best air conditioner and furnace repair in Collinsville</div>, Illinois

Replacement Benefits

Quality systems affect more than just your comfort. A new system ensures conservation of energy, while removing harmful allergens and mold from the environment, to help those with asthma, allergies, and other medical conditions breathe easier. Older units use more energy, which leads to a less efficient system that lacks temperature balance throughout the home.

Replacing an old system allows you to save on utilities, while providing better air quality for your family. Give yourself peace of mind surrounding the comfort of your home with a new system.

Blue Stream Services provides the best air conditioner and furnace repair in Collinsville, Illinois

Installs Are Best Left to the Experts

A properly sized, installed, and maintained system is the best way to ensure comfort and safety in your home. Blue Stream's knowledgeable and experienced technicians are committed to providing the best service. Technicians arrive in a clean, well-marked vehicle stocked with all the supplies they need to solve the problem that day. It is our pleasure to answer any and all questions you have about the air quality in your home, to give you the optimum performance and longevity from your system. Diagnosing the problem and presenting an up-front price before work begins, you authorize any and all service before it's started.

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